Monday, April 07, 2008

JWT Update

Rea attended the trial class last Saturday (April 5) at JWT Kids Gym - and what a great time she had! She eagerly participated in all the activities and her teacher only had praises for her - "very spontaneous" according to her.

We also like the fact that her "teacher/trainer" doesn't have 'singlish' accent which is very important to us.

We already enrolled her in the Tumbles Wigglers class for 2 terms... will be posting some pics & videos next time.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

JWT Kids Gym

This is it! I think? ha! ha!

I have been scouting since last year for a play gym for our daughter... name it, and chances are - I have been there and inquired already - with Rudy, of course!

From Tumble Tots, to The Little Gym ... to Gymboree... etc... etc...
And so last December, we already decided that we would go for Crestar Learning Center - since their program includes not only the usual physical play but arts & craft and the deciding factor - chinese language (mandarin)!

But just this afternoon, while Rudy & I were in East Coast for lunch - we saw this new play gym: JWT Kids Gym! We went in and checked the facilities... and we liked what we saw.

Since it's new - their equipments are all in tip-top condition... the place is very clean and how will I explain it? Hmmmm, cheerful? basta - it is such a happy place! yun na yon :) I am sure that Rea will enjoy it there.

So right now, it's 70% JWT Kids Gym & 30% Crestar. We'll see which one Rea will 'choose' when she attends the free trial classes offered by these 2 play schools.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Beach Babe & The Little Mermaid in Bohol

It was Rea's first time to go to the beach and oh boy, what a blast she had!

She was a natural in the water...
A Real Beach Babe...

Our Cute Little Mermaid...

Bohol Trip 2008 - The Beach

Well what can I say --- the beach in Bohol is so much like Boracay!
See for yourself...

Bohol Beach Club

Breakfast by the beach

Coffee Break at Alona Beach

Our famous tour guide - SPENCER

Bohol Trip 2008 - Countryside Tour

We went to Bohol on Jan 15-17. It was our treat to ourselves and to our parents... we really wanted to take them with us - it's our way of saying thanks for all their support to Rudy & I and to the kids: Russell, Rainier & Rea. Sayang lang the 2 kuyas were not there, may pasok na kasi.

Here are some pics from our countryside tour on Day-1

* Blood Compact Site * * Hanging Bridge *

* LOBOC River Cruise *
* River Cruise Stopover * * Baclayon Church *

* Chocolate Hills *

Monday, January 21, 2008

We're Back!

We are back here in Singapore... good thing PAL is on time, we still have time to rest... unlike my MLA-KL flights before which were always late...

Hmmm, balik -PAL na yata kami ulit :)

Work Work Work na naman... huwahhhhh!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Zip & Go... sabay takbo!

We're leaving for pinas today for a week-long vacation... and I'm still not through with my packing :)

Oh well, this is so typical of me... Eversince, I can only fix all my things on the day of the flight. I can still remember...

April 1999 - 1st US Trip:
I arrived home in Bulacan at 1am on the day of my early morning flight - Imagine that! My nanay was so angry at me 'coz she had been telling me the whole week to pack my bags already and did I listen to her? Of course not! I had to grab my things, put them in my bags, drank coffee, took a shower, checked my documents *but not the ticket details*, ZIPPED my bags then WENT to NAIA-1. Naku, buti na lang we left a little early kse I thought my flight was at 8:45am or 9:45am (can't remember the exact time), pagdating ko sa airport super cool pa ako... pagtingin ko sa ticket ko --- whatttt?!!! my flight was 1hr earlier than what I had in mind all the time... TAKBO!!!

September 2000 - 2nd US Trip:
I arrived in Bulacan a little before 12midnight... grabbed all my things... had a cup of coffee... took a shower... checked my documents... ZIPPED my bags and off we WENT to NAIA-1! This time I double checked talaga my flight details! ha ha may natutunan din naman pala ako... But then, I can still remember there was a traffic jam at NLEX! grabe! talagang nag-panic ako huh?!!! at talagang nagdadasal na ako sa hi-way! I was so worried that I won't be able to catch the plane... Buti na lang umabot pa ako... uber talaga yon! When I arrived at the gate, boarding na! I was one of the last passengers who boarded the plane...

And so the same cycle went on and on for the rest of my travels...
2004 to 2005 - KL-MLA-KL Trips
2005 to 2007 - SG-MLA-SG Trips

2008.... January 12 @ 2:20AM
Our flight is at 9am... I still have a few hours... nakakapag-blog pa nga eh! ha! ha! If only Rudy is here with me, na-highblood na naman yon!!! kaya lang nauna na sya eh... he left last Thursday pa - ang daya!

Anyway... I guess it will always be like this for me... ZIP and GO!!! sana hindi mahawa sa akin si Rea...