Sunday, February 03, 2008

JWT Kids Gym

This is it! I think? ha! ha!

I have been scouting since last year for a play gym for our daughter... name it, and chances are - I have been there and inquired already - with Rudy, of course!

From Tumble Tots, to The Little Gym ... to Gymboree... etc... etc...
And so last December, we already decided that we would go for Crestar Learning Center - since their program includes not only the usual physical play but arts & craft and the deciding factor - chinese language (mandarin)!

But just this afternoon, while Rudy & I were in East Coast for lunch - we saw this new play gym: JWT Kids Gym! We went in and checked the facilities... and we liked what we saw.

Since it's new - their equipments are all in tip-top condition... the place is very clean and how will I explain it? Hmmmm, cheerful? basta - it is such a happy place! yun na yon :) I am sure that Rea will enjoy it there.

So right now, it's 70% JWT Kids Gym & 30% Crestar. We'll see which one Rea will 'choose' when she attends the free trial classes offered by these 2 play schools.