Wednesday, September 26, 2007

KL Trip

We're all set for our overnight KL trip this weekend.

Rudy & I together with some friends will be attending the b-day dinner of my former boss who is very dear to us... even when she already transferred to another company, we still keep in touch.

We were also there to celebrate her special day 2yrs ago and here's the pic. Rozita is the one at the center. Yes, she's a Muslim Malay... Hence, the dinner this year unlike the last time when we had lunch instead. It's Ramadan so they only eat during dinner time (or basta paglubog ng araw yata).

That was the last time I was in KL 'coz a month after that trip, I discovered I was pregnant... then I resigned and went back to 'Pinas.

Kaya I am soooooooooooo excited!
I hope we can also find the time to meet with our old friends and of course - do some shopping! samantalahin ba? he he it's a lot cheaper there kse than here in singapore...

I am also planning to visit 'mommy' - my suking tindera in KL Chinatown... I miss her na... There are so many people and things I miss in KL that I can go on and on and on... so I will just wrap it up in one sentence:

Tickets - check!
Hotel - check!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Healthy Living

Just came from my check-up with the doctor/consultant - no final results yet.

For those who haven't seen my multiply acct yet, I posted about my visit to the E.R. last week. Principal diagnosis then was that it could be gallstones but it's getting more complicated.

I guess I really have to change my lifestyle....
I have to start eating healthy...
I also need to lose a lot of weight!

I hope I have the discipline to do all these.
But with my family as my inspiration, I know I can do these - starting today.

Tara! Join na!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Free Time

It's been almost 2 weeks! 2weeks of free time to do anything I please after work and on weekends...

I should be happy, right? Well wrong!!! I have lots of free time these days because Rea is not here with us...

She had to go home to Pinas with her lola 'coz the person we hired to take care of her got homesick and resigned! Sheeessshhhh!!! just like that - and naiwan na kami sa ere *sigh*

Oh well... that's life! Lilipas din ang sama ng loob...
But next time... I know better!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dream Come True

Finally! Rudy's dream has come true...

As promised, my 1st project once I start working again is to buy him his dream TV:
Samsung Bordeaux Art - LA40R81B

I know how he loves it so I've decided to give it to him as a special gift... I, of all people, should know how much he deserves it.

I have yet to take a picture of him with his new "love"... so I just posted the pic taken
from the website.

And that's not all - he also got the Samsung Home Theater
HT-XQ100 for FREE!!! How lucky can he get?

2nd Chance

I have decided to give this blog a "new lease in life"...

I'm still thinking if I should migrate my previous posts in my multiply site... but with the rate I'm going with my blog postings, I'm not sure how I can even find the time to do that.

Anyway, this blog will contain mostly all about me... and Rudy! I will reserve my multiply site for things related to our little princess Rea.

I just hope I can maintain these 2 blogs.
Wish me luck!