Tuesday, March 24, 2009

REA's 1st Day High

*** written on 23march2009 ***
Today marks another milestone in Rea’s life… She’s currently enrolled at Holy Family Kindergarten and 2nd school term starts today… It’s her 1st day in pre-school.

As this is a very special day, I asked for 1-day childcare leave from the office… Rudy kept on teasing me - mas excited pa raw ang mommy… he he 100% right!

Rea with her uniform, etc...

All the students gathered first in a big room to do some singing… I think she was a bit lost at the start… She wouldn’t go inside the room… She was just hovering there at the door looking at the other kids…

When classes started, I had to leave her inside her classroom… We couldn’t stay as the school discourages it, they said it will be harder for the kids to separate… Even if I feel apprehensive, I understand their point so I just waited outside with Yaya Edna (Rudy had to report to work).

Around 1-hr into her class, the teacher aid informed us that Rea cried during class and vomited (yeah… that’s rea… she does that whenever she cries hard) but that she was okay already… I got a little worried - that she might not want to go back to school tomorrow…

Then dismissal time came… when Rea saw me, she shouted “MY MOMMY!” ... and she looked happy na… well, it didn’t look like there was a little fiasco earlier… so I think it’s a good sign…

When we were already out, I asked her if she liked school and she answered YES… I asked again if she wants to go back to school tomorrow and she said yes mommy, I want to go to school… later… I’m tired!!! ha ha

Now I can relax… :)

*** after school at parkway mall ***

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